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Peverelist - Tesselations

Livity Sound

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The patriarch of Bristolian techno returns with his 3rd solo album, and, of course... it's very good.

Fans of Livity's usual fare will be completely satisfied by Tesselations, but don't take this as a guy resting on his laurels; Pev makes moves into less familiar territory but always manages to stamp his particular vision and aesthetic onto any style he chooses to pursue.

There's a refreshing variety of more overtly Livity affair and even some forays into straight-up 4x4. Things aren't what they immediately seem though, and Pev's unique idiosyncrasies shine through in the most minute details, made significant by his incredible skill at riding minimalist grooves and keeping them refreshing even on the nth repeat.

If you're a fan of Livity or generally any of the waves being made in contemporary UK music, this is gonna be a staple of your collection and your DJ bag for a very, very long time. Trust us.

Gorgeous reverse-board sleeve, full artwork looking tip-top!

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