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Phased Entity Meets Echo Wanderer - PDXINDUBTING03


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A new thing from Pdxindubting -

According to the label themselves, these are especially close to the heart. Those who have done a bit of research will have realised that Pdxindub is run by the same face as the O.G. dubstep label 'lo dubs' from Portland... And our guess is, that these Phased Entity and Echo Wanderer jams may be swimming in similar territory and timezones to this.

Sonically, it's a sound very much reminiscent of the earlier days of dubstep - heavily dubwise 2 step reductions and mountains of bassline pressure are on prescription here, and it's a potent dose - from the reversed cymbals and spring reverbed snares, through to the atmospheres of dusky soundsystem overload.

All dubheads listen up!

High quality tape, includes DL code.
Shrinkwrapped and served with printed J Card and onbody stickers.

A1 Vibrate - Phased Entity
A2 Fissure - Phased Entity
A3 Phobia - Echo Wanderer
A4 Rocket Launcher - Echo Wanderer
A5 Her Face in the Clouds - Phased Entity
A6 Tormented - Phased Entity
A6 Tormented - Phased Entity
A7 Panther Dub - Echo Wanderer
B1 Guidance - Echo Wanderer
B3 Deserted - Phased Entity
B4 Lovesick - Phased Entity
B5 Vibrate VSOP - Echo Wanderer
B6 Rockers Instinct - Echo Wanderer