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Phew - Vertical Jamming


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>>Limited repress (re-dub?) with red artwork<<

The Disciples label come forward with new/old material from the legendary Phew, out of Osaka, on tape.
Vertical Jamming - it's a must!

The fourth in the Disciples series of half-releases, following on from the Black Lodge Lodgewars tape (DISC1.5), the Bogdan Raczynski x 8ball jungle soundclash We Used To Corrupt Each Other With Art & Coffee (DISC2.5), and His Name Is Alive radio collage 6Teen OK (DISC3.5). Further entries in this ongoing ‘deeper dive’ side catalogue are coming soon from the roster, including some unexpected collaborations.

A scene-setter for a forthcoming LP of unheard material, Vertigo KO, coming soon on Disciples. Vertical Jamming rescues two expansive longform pieces from a tour only CD released in 2016, and adds a previously unreleased track, “Drone”.

Explaining the background to the music, Phew comments: “Drone was recorded in 2014. It is a track that expresses the mood of those days, guided by the sound of a very simple oscillator. At the time of the catastrophe in Japan in 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear accident, and the change of government in 2013, I didn't feel like singing at that time, and instead started making music using a very simple oscillator. Cheers and Encore recorded alongside the album New World using two more complex synthesizers. The content is a sequel to Drone, a sketch of the mental landscape from 2014 to 2015.”

Recorded at Phew’s place in December 2015. Music by Phew. Originally issued on CD by Bereket and sold only at “A New World Tour” in 2016. Sound design and mastering by Hiroyuki Nagashima. Photography by Masayuki Shioda. Layout and photo treatment by Studio Tape Echo. A 2020 Disciples production under exclusive licence from Phew. Look out for Vertigo KO, coming soon.

1.Cheers (29:08mins)
2.Encore (26:50mins)

Digital bonus DL:
3.Drone 11:16

C60 cassette + bonus DL.
Designed by Studio Tape Echo.