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Philippe Hallais - An American Hero LP


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Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack makes his birth-name album debut to the alway-excellent Modern Love with his 'An American Hero' LP, a dreamy but also extremely present album, with a dual nature that can veer - often violently - between the distorted pastoralism of some of Hype Williams' discography to the extreme abarasion of a piece of rusting corrugated tin in the space of a few seconds.

The album's title and conceptual narrative reflect that of a Greek Tragedy, and focusses on disassembling the mythology of sports and specifically the sport star. The album continues it's binary theme by exploring how pairs of human experience like triviality and disaster, naivety and cynicism that are portrayed in their scripted forms on TV become indistinguishable from these emotions and experiences in real life.

These binarisms play out throughout the album's tracklist, such as the opening two tracks "Theme (Trophies)" and "Ready (Sacred), the former an ethereal and noisy, pad-driven meander through some digital landscape, and the latter charged with sub-chamber dread and full of hollowed out sonic signifiers.

As usual, Modern Love take us on an absorbing journey with this 11 track package, and it certainly makes an auspicious beginning for Hallais' anti-alias. We can't wait to hear more.

2 x LP


1. Theme (Trophies)
2. Ready (Sacred)
3. Angela (Square)
4. Everything (Good)
5. Skin (Hit)
6. Fantasy (4U)
7. Feel (Storm)
8. Fall (Never Meant)
9. Garrys (Locker)
10. Lately (Acoustic)
11. Hero (Theme)

Theme (Trophies)

Skin (Hit)

Ready (Sacred)

Fantasy (4U)