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Photek - T'Raenon (Remaster)

Applied Rhythmic Technology

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Utterly peerless jungle constructs from one of the genres original architects - Photek.

Originally issued as the debut release on Kirk Degiorgio's ART label in 1996, it's been hard to get hold of for some time and has been remasterd and sounds better than ever, some 20 odd years after it's original release.

What sets this record apart from other work of this era is how the lead track is explored in the version - splicing it with techno and downtempo signs and signifiers whilst still retaining the sublime pads from the original. Up top is pinnacle Photek jungle and a slightly more obscure cut than some of the more Headz releases, sure to turn a few heads.

Don't forget to check the final cut too, it's a gem.


T'Raenon [Version]