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Photonz - Weo / Chunk Hiss


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Catalog number 002 on Principe Discos -

Following Dj Marfox's debut on the Lisbon-based label, Photonz step forward, with the soundsystem in mind.

Perhaps a bit deeper and more reserved than the Dj Marfox 12", still full of swinging forward motion and jacking afro rhythm.
Meditative loops that could sound at home in Detroit or Johannisbourg, Lisbon - or in fact any other place where people like to dance.

Big bottom snares and shuffling hi-hats add to the movement whilst a pulsing low-end and kick drum pattern set the tone, making this compatible with a range of styles... as long as the aim is to make people move in some way!

Two great tracks that will serve you well in your record bag.

Wicked stuff from a great label.

Each disc comes in an individually hand-painted sleeve.
Mastered by To Pinheiro Da Silva.


Chunk Hiss