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Phran - 3000 Modes EP

Klasse Wrecks

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Phran returns to Klasse Wrecks!

The second outing from Barcelonian 'Phran' comes in the 5-track shape and form of the '3000 Modes EP'.
As the (very classy!) artwork may suggest, the undercurrent of these varied yet coherent tracks is directed by the retro-futurism of classic Electro and drum machine funk... Although this is not simply a pastiche of the old-school - this palette simply serves as a direction from which to obscure, and boost it's qualities.

From the squashed, red-lined drum machine of 'Alberca' on the A2 and 'Ayoo' on the B2, through to the oddly captivating vocal snippets and restless drive of 'Basical' (backed with a great remix by Samo & Baba Stiltz) through to the spaced out euphoria of Handprints - Phran impress's with his captivating, left-of centre scope of dance music.

As you probably know by now, these Klasse Wrecks titles don't usually stick around for too long - DO make your move if you feel so inclined!



Basical (Samo DJ & Baba Stiltz Remix)

Ayoo / HandPrints