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Phrex / Cutkachi – Drumworks / Moonlight


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Super-limited 12" import from Re:st -

Underground vinyl movements right here, in the form of this hand-numbered and stamped 12", catalogue number Re:01 -

Top of the disc, we find 'Drumworks' a 140bpm affair that does it's name justice, heavily centred around the rhythmical pulse, with fine-tuned percussion juxtaposing over an elastic bassline, seemingly overriding it's own time signature as it unfolds, sure to get the bones jiggling once deployed on a big soundsystem...

Flip it for a spaced-out, 128bpm roller by Cutkachi, with a stuttering 4x4 drum pattern juggling through ever-ascending pads, reminding of early Apple Pips releases from around '08, slowed down for compatibility along your pick of garage, house or techno records.

A DJ plate for the vinyl-heads, this one comes limited as f*ck, so be quick.

Limited to 113 copies.
Each one hand-numbered and stamped.

Phrex - Drumworks

Cutkachi - Moonlight