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Physical Therapy - Hit The Breaks

Liberation Technologies

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Breakbeat ruffige on Liberation Technologies -

Physical Therapy dishes out a hefty dose of breakbeat-techno, drum funk styled dancefloor material for the rhythm freaks out there.
Hard-to-the-core, centred around banging bass drums and mechanistic breaks, the tracks on this disc hit with a lot of restraint and focus, but that only adds to the drive and immense impact of the barely-hinged rhythms and crushing low-end.

From the psychedelic arpeggio and drum work-outs, to the guttural low-end and frenzied atmospherics, this is the kind of techno that will shake out your demons, and is sure to inject a bit of fire into any kind of club scenario.

A special mention has to go out 'Mahnbescheid' - that one is our favourite and well worth the quids just by itself already... Utterly darkside.

Throughout the course of this record, Physical Therapy have created something refreshingly upbeat yet fierce & ferocious.
Two tracks + extra breaks per side, cut nice and loud by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

Let's 'ave it!

HIt The Breaks (Main Mix)


Tell Me (Hardcore Mix)