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Piezo & Clearlight - Pripyat EP (Standard Edition)

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Piezo & Clearlight share an EP after successful solo releases and remixes on Subaltern and NoMad, by far their best work to date. Pripyat, (an abandoned city in the northern Ukraine) inspires 5 tracks of subterranean dubstep infused with razor sharp sound design and high production values.

‘Pripyat Dub’ opens proceedings with spacious Virus bass and dub sirens while ‘Scrouge’ is more urgent, pushed along by whiplash inducing delays and anvil weight kick drums. The real highlight is ‘Here Come the Toxic Rain’, sublime, stripped back steppers material for late night sessions with appropriate accompaniments. Heavyweight tracks, expertly executed.

Pripyat Dub


Here Comes The Toxic Rain

Fallen Soul