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Piezo Ft. Sunun - Water Chamber


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The latest NoCorner 7" is here, served up on a ltd run of 200, in screenprinted sleeves -

It's not often that a new NC 7" comes around, but they always feel pretty special to us. This one is the 6th release on a 45' in just over 7 years, following on from that Roger Robinson / Jabu / Ossia combination last year.

This latest record, features a vocal on the A side, answered by the instrumental version on the flip once more, JA 7" style.
Water Chamber features Young Echo's Sunun, who deliveres mesmerising, abstract vocal poetry on 'Water Chamber' over a beautifully crafted, heart-aching production from Piezo. It's been on constant repeat here, and it's grown on us even more with each listen - check the words from NC for all you need to know, really.

"A metaphorical depiction of a coming of age ritual in a Zulu tribe, extended over time, under the sun - re-told in the shape of Sunun's abstracted vocal poetry, and guided, one note, one step at a time, by Piezo's instrumental, a melancholy depth charge that recalls his time spent in Bristol, and was written shortly after his return to his hometown Milan.

A proud addition to our slowly, but surely building series of 7"s on the label, we would say that this is a timeless piece of music, both in the sense that it will stand up as a solid tune in years to come, but also in the sense it that will control the mood and put you in a different place for the full duration of its rotation, no matter when, or where it is played. Truly captivating, time drifting sounds."

Another crucial piece in the NC collection, if we dare say so ourselves -

Ltd edition of 200.
comes with DL code.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Served in vintage black sleeves, hand-screenprinted.
Design by Studio Tape-Echo.

Water Chamber