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Piezo at the controls with 'Perdu' for STILL's Hundebiss label, via Milan, this long awaited debut album, filled with rhythm explorations of the finest order, telling 'the story of a young group of friends getting lost in the desert' across 11 (lost)tracks.

Big moves from Ansia boss, ex-Bristol-now-Milan resident, don Piezo once again.
On this long awaited debut album - we remember him telling us about this one when we he kindly let us visit his studio whilst visiting the good old Macao for some loud, sound related events in Milan many moons ago - Piezo lets loose on the rhythm swagger and dank frequency explorations, with hi-tek soundsystem chuggers and synapse-tuned, synthetic percussion doing the braindance around it's own axis, in search of the way forward, but also quite comfortable chasing it's own tail. At least that's how we imagine some of the experiences of getting lost in a desert at night with friends to feel.
By the time we get to the third track, 'Blue Light Mama Magic' - it feels like it's a pleasure to be lost in the groove, at least.
But then, as the realisation of disorientation sets in, panic arises and a bit of a frenzy kicks in 'Rowina' feels like the soundtrack to a time-lagged view of these friends trying to scale the nearest hill in order to get a view of their surroundings, in search for the way out.
No chance yet though, as we're only half way through the album and therefore only half way through the act of getting lost in the desert. Interludio, aptly named, is the come-down from the initial panic, to find some humour in this situation, and remember that the chance of death must always be embraced with some lightheartedness too - no point in being too worried about finding the exit prematurely... Plus, it's still night time - can't see a thing! - but we're even more tuned in to the sounds around us, and that's kinda cool too you know...

'Amore Tossi', then, sounds like the early morning trek after deciding to take a rest for some hours, to use the glare of the morning sun to perhaps find a set of footprints or some kind of path out of this desert... Or a Fata Morgana at least?!?!
Castrol up next... Maybe these kids found a truck and some gasoline?
Time to do some drifting around the desert, do a few donuts and ramp up the volume on the bloodclart hifi. Fuck it, this desert is quite alright actually.. who cares that the water supplies have run low, when you have a few garys left and you're with your mates.
'Qzak'... Uh Oh, what the fuck is that, why is there a thick layer of fog in this desert, and what are those rattle snake sounds? Are they near our feet or what? can't see nothing.
Damn, time for a reset.. 'Need some 'Xerotonin' to keep our heads high' in this mess.
These melodies are doing the job... All will be fine.
... Or will it?! Shit's kinda serious now. Yo raggazo, can you stick on Piezo's 'Anti Gloss' on the bluetooth speaker, so we can get militant on this stomp, and find our way out of this fucking desert?
Fuck yeah, sounds good, let's do this!
Hang on, is that... the 'Outrow'?!?!?
We made it baby!

You know what, panic and madness aside, this was a good day out with good friends.
We'll do this again, with exactly the same banging soundtrack -

....Big up Piezo & the desert gang.

1. OX 02:57
2. Stray 05:52
3. Blue Light Mama Magic 05:28
4. Rowina 03:40
5. Interludio 02:13
6. Amore Tossi 04:53
7. Castrol 03:57
8. QZak 01:33
9. Xerotonin 02:03
10. Anti-Gloss 04:38
11. Outrow 00:54

Blue Light Mama Magic