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Pinch & Mumdance – Big Slug Ft. Riko Dan / Lucid Dreaming


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Combining forces once again, Pinch & Mumdance return to deadly form, this time alongside legendary grime MC, Riko Dan. A dangerous combination all round...

'Big Slug' hits hard, no doubt - definitely not for the faint hearted! Ice-cold atmospherics set the mood in the intro, with a racing hat line to keep pace. Riko calls the track in, ready for the drop... Bang - and - in comes a seriously weighty b-line, with Riko going full blaze on the mic, dropping his calling-card war lyrics, raging in full-on slaughter mode. The track builds and ebbs, laced with paranoid sci-fi sonics throughout and Riko holding court, on great form. Deep, dark and deadly 128bpm soundclash war rhythm.

Flip then for the instrumental track 'Lucid Dreaming' by Pinch & Mumdance, taking the spirit of the rave into a new direction. Pounding 126bpm beats and distorting kick drums build and release as searing hi-hats charge overhead. A voice from another world chimes in to instruct and advice, taking you into a psychotic trance.

Big Slug Ft. Riko Dan

Lucid Dreaming