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Pinch/Mumdance/Logos - Turbo Mitzi VIP


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Proper UK underground dubplate styles here -

As strong as it’s name suggests - ‘Turbo Mitzi’ from Pinch & Mumdance is now nothings hot of an anthem, featuring in the Mumdance Fabric mix, their collaborative Mix CD for Tectonic and at a whole load of dances since it came out over a year ago. In true dubplate fashion, the VIP has only been available to a select few, mashing up sets across the globe from London to Croatia.

The time has come for the VIP to see the light of day, thankfully! It’s backed up with the Pinch VIP of ‘Legion’ as well so you get two bangers for your buck.

Turbo Mitzi VIP

Legion - V.I.Pinch mix