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Ploy - Footprints In A Solid Rock (Beatrice Dillon / Peder Mannerfelt Remixes)


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Timedance returns for the second round of top-notch remixes of label classics - this time it's two strikingly different takes of Ploy's Footprints In A Solid Rock from his Iron Lungs EP that came out last year.

Fresh off the heels of that incredible Hessle collaboration with Call Super, Beatrice conjures up another head-twisting, labyrinthine take on house music that has become one of her sonic cornerstones. Her attention to detail has always been one of her defining attributes - here, she flattens the dank, evocative atmospherics of the original into subtle, filtered layers of percussive weirdness that wash through the bright synth lines in a gentle meander that keeps a light but grooving atmosphere that'll work brilliantly on the dancefloor but also, more importantly, over solo home listening.

On the other side, Peder does what he does best - introduce ingenious flashes of rave and the wider hardcore continuum while never losing his forward thinking sonic character (nor that of the original). Here, a pulsating, analogue bassline settles the unconventional song structure that leaves a gaping sonic expanse in the middle of the track. A final half cresecendo of screeching, dissonant stabs builds the tension to almost unbearable levels before Peder scratches the metaphorical itch in the final third.

The winning streak continues, long live Timedance!

Footprints In A Solid Rock (Beatrice Dillon Remix)

Footprints In A Solid Rock (Peder Mannerfelt's Rock Solid Remix)