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Ploy - Intrigued By The Drum EP


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Timedance marks its tenth release with a second outing from core artist and obsessive James Bond fan Sam Smith aka Ploy.

After first appearing as on Hessle Audio under his current alias, Ploy's been honing and perfecting his sound, with marked improvements between each release both in scope and imagination. Sonic world-building has become a more prominent feature in his work over the course of his releases - on Intrigued By The Drum, this world building takes centre stage and governs the character of the atmosphere and how we hear the groove of the track.

Take the title-track as an example; fuzzy noise and what sounds like looping bird-song create an organic feel, while a percussive synthesised figure drifts around the stereo field, letting waves of automated and stretched delay provide a loose feel to the already swung rhythms. Bonus points for the snare on this one too.

Zoom is another standout - the free-falling sax-melody creates an emotive counterpoint to the heavy subs and half-time drum workouts.

The B side starts with Blow Poke, probably the most Livity-esque track Ploy's made so far, and on a similar tip to Forest Drive West's releases for the label. Finishing off the EP is Bad Seed, a dread-fuelled slab of sound-system pressure, laid-back groove-wise but letting the low end drive the disparate elements forward with ease.

A brilliantly varied set of tracks that opens up some new sonic pathways for Ploy and continues Timedance's seemingly unstoppable winning streak.

Intrigued By The Drum


Blow Poke

Bad Seed