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Ploy - Iron Lungs EP


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After a highly lauded debut on the mighty Hessle Audio earlier this year, our mate Batu's pressed up 3 huuuuuge trax from the boy called Ploy - strict head business, and absolutely killer.

Those of you who've been to a Timedance party recently or the Hotline night in London a few weeks ago will have heard the damage lead track Iron Lungs can do on a system - so unbelievable brutal, and channeling the dread of Skull Disco and hardcore through the lens of bass-heavy half time techno.

The percussive deftness and subtlety that's displayed in Number 24 shows the work of a true craftsman, Ploy moulding the pads and splashes into the skeleton of the drums to create a beautiful but still unmistakably tough-as-nails 4x4 workout.

Last track here is Footprints in Solid Rock. Put simply, this is massive. Simultaneously a dance track and a full on soundscape, there's a cinematic bent to the track that makes listening on any kind of speaker arrangement a real pleasure.

Choosing a favourite track on this like like choosing which toe to cut off, so save us and yourselves the time and buy it already.

Iron Lungs

Number 24

Footprints In Solid Rock