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Big, burning debut album from Ploy, heading across the pond from Timedance camp, over to L.I.E.S. HQ, for a slew of gritty, versatile soundsystem excursions and murky time trippers -

What a killer album this is - it came out a moon or two ago, but we only just got our copies (we blame Brexit) - but don't be mistaken, this stuff is here to stay - this is the kind of record you'll be coming back to in 5, 10 years time and you'll still feel the urgency, the drive and that hi-tek soundsystem pressure burning red hot.

Unlit Signals feels like it's a darker shade of memory of past excursions for the likes of Timedance and Hessle, keeping that ghost note conversation between drums and bass, where the 4x4 is a framework that merely serves as a reminder of the rhythmic anchor, rather than the focus point.

But in terms of sound and mood, this album comes with a more aggy, industrial leaning drum sound and murky warehouse reverberations that place his sound further away from the front row of the rave, and more into that dimly lit corner of the dancefloor (fuck, we miss 'em right now, and this record is really twisting a knife into that memory of those heads down soundsystem worship moments).

Even though this record would make a killer DJ weapon and very danceable gear for those who like to stomp introspectively to the rhythm, this record will really take you places when listened on the home hifi too - no doubt.
There's tons of details in the sounds here.
The rhythms are all A1 style - wether it's the infinite snare rolls, percussive rain or utterly deadly snare shuffles - it's a real joy to get lost in these rhythms.
The murky atmospheres, the deftly hidden, yet captivating melodies, those hypnotic drum songs - it's a really gripping mix of rhythm and atmospherics that will have you coming back for more, again and again.

This one's a real ride, gunfingers up, heads down, eyes closed type thing.

2 x 12" served in printed sleeve.

1. Gulch
2. Clubtek
3. Dog Ants
4. Pax Cultura
5. Molotov
6. Busy
7. Keys In The Dark
8. Throb


Pax Cultura


Keys In The Dark