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Merry fuckin' Christmas!

We've been waiting for a package to arrive from the Post Materialization Music HQ in St.Petersburg for a little while now... The postal service decided to send it back and forth and keep it in limbo somewhere between the UK and Russia....
But all that doesn't matter now, main thing is: we have our hands on the goods, and that means you can get dirty with them too.

This thing here is a bit special...
40 pages of DIY art action - risoprints, silkscreen, linocut, collage and all sorts of excellent visual madness and colour splatterings from these tireless DIY warriors PMM and their extended family.

The zine comes with a C60 tape as well - 1hr of music from some of the collaborators on this zine... Head-mangling experimentalism and a free jazz attitude to music and sound.
Brain exercises for those who hate maths and other boring school subjects and prefer to expand the mind in other ways.

Evil Moisture, Zebra Mu, Lee Ranaldo, Ludo Mich, Forhazis, GxNxTxB and much more!

Sounds good right?!

+ 40 page zine + 60minute tape.
Edition of 150.

Forhazis - Quilts Baba Raya

GxNxTxB - Untitled

Zebra Mu - Summer Rain Forever