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PMM - Serpent's Promise

Berceuse Heroique

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Pummelling and varied three track EP from newcomer PMM on Bercuese Heroique.

"Serpent's promise" the title track with an obvious allusion to the biblical tale of Eve and the forbidden fruit, begins with a pounding 4/4 beat which descends quickly into madness as fork tongued synth slithers into view, whispering temptingly in your ear, transfixing you as hissing high hats punctuate the metronomic drum-work. Only halfway through the track, once you too have taken a bite of the surreptitious offering are the veiled intentions of the Serpent revealed as demonic rattles affront and taunt you with their psychotic melody!

From BC to AD, "Growth Hacking" is a jittering and raucous vision of the future, seeming to encapsulate an entire Sci Fi film soundtrack in six minutes. Quasars pulse into view and piercing Autechre-esque sound design flickers like the fluorescent lights of a dystopian space station. This track doesn't sit still, every phrase in the arrangement brings something new, heightening the unease.

The final track "AACF1" is by far the most subdued, as kick drums stealthily barrel into the darkness with only fleeting pauses of introverted reflection halting the momentum. This one is Tense with a capital T!

This record perfectly illustrates why Bercuese Heroique are on top of the game right now. Arcane machinery, clandestine production techniques and a keen ear from the label A&R Kemaa have lead to a label and release with a consistent yet diverse sound.

Now grab this record and scare the $@!# out of some unsuspecting clubbers!

Serpent's Promise

Growth Hacking