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Absolute long-lost, forgotten-about treasure that we managed to find via coincidence from a mysterious warehouse in the UK somewhere.... An underground classic of the 'dubstep/notdubstep' genre, circa 2008 -

Whilst hunting down a copy for personal use, we just so happened to come across a mysterious source with fresh, untouched stock of this underground G-E-M- from around 2008.
Those who know, will know.
For those who don't - this is Pole at the controls, aka mastering engineer Stefan Betke (masters & cuts all The Bug material, Jahtari etc etc).
This track has the sound of someone obsessed with the vintage, round-bass pressure of dub sonics, versed in the worlds of house and techno, with a love for the (then very fresh!) dubstep sound that was emerging out of London, Bristol and into the world around this time, before it spread like wildfire and got contaminated with a whole heap of skrillex type shit, or lame 'dubby dubstep' copycats, and regurgitated again.

This 12" features the lean & mean step of Alles Klar / Alles Gute, and it is the real-deal - trust that.

Limited amount of copies in store... So if you're keen for a slice of goodness from the previous decade, from around 2008, the golden era of the dubstep/techno crossovers (f*ck we're getting old), then hit that button!

Alles Klar

Alles Gute