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Potter Natalizia Zen - Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out


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Mesmerizing guttural jabs and brain waves for your consumption, from Potter Natalizia Zen, the trio made up of Nurse With Wound's Colin Potter, Guido Zen and Alessio Nataliza aka Not Waving.

Whipping up a true storm across 8 tracks cut to a lush-sounding 12", the trio manage to create a real depth charge of their own with Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out, channeling the best of energies of post-punk, EBM, krautrock and early synth work stylings a la Vangelis, or even Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and of course Nurse With Wound, Coil etc.

From the enchanting trod of the first cut 'Articulate' and it's subsequent dive into the dankest of underworlds with 'Rhythm  Did Not Change' through to the frenzied undulations of Linda and Chaosmosis it's a rollercoaster ride in a sonic sense, but also in terms of time transportation with the way these cuts sound... There is a quality to them that feels at once classically vintage and refreshingly widescreen & futuristic.
Through arpeggiating basslines the reassuring hiss & warmth of vintage machines, and double-time ambience stretched out into high-definition dynamic ranges, the trio have achieved a sound that feels emotive and serene at times, and deadly, full of pace at the next turn, all whilst keeping an assured drift & drive.

Even though it there is hardly a conventional drum sound to be heard throughout the record, there is a constant charge and rhythmic current, a force that gives this whole LP a pretty powerful demeanour, and makes it, whilst being a wholly immersive home-listen, also a very deployable disc in dancefloor settings, no doubt. It's a truly solid, immersive effort right from the very first spin.

Proper killer drop on the excellent Ecstatic Recordings -
No hesitation from us here, this is a really great record.

Mastered & cut by Matt Colton.

1. Articulated 03:00
2. Rhythm Did Not Change 04:14
3. Linda 05:35
4. Possibilities 01:30
5. Chaosmosis 05:44
6. When Time Stops Moving 06:25
7. Unsystematic Waves 04:08
8. Che Osmosi 09:33


Rhythm Did Not Change


When Time Stops Moving