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Fuzzy, post-Industrial electronics from the inimitable Powell on Diagonal. A killer clash of 80s East Village and Industrial Records, for fans of Clock DVA, Downwards and Throbbing Gristle.

The lead track ‘So We Went Electric’ is true to its name, a dilapidated dance floor beat that sounds like it was recorded through a knackered desk in the middle of a violent power surge. A total disregard for structure sees the track switch up at random, monochromatic washes of fuzzed-out guitar lick across the plate and nonchalant vocals appear in the gaps.

On the flip, ‘No U Turn’, starts off as a killer analog drum and square wave bass loop but never settles into a fixed groove for long, keeping the DJs and dancers guessing.

Russell Haswell features on the last track, ‘Maniac’, an (even more) deranged deconstruction of those killer drums and fuzz that make this record a total must have for just about everybody with a turntable.


KILLER sleeve design by Guy Featherstone.

So We Went Electric

No U Turn

Maniac Ft. Russell Haswell