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The original Club Music 12" was one of our records of the year at the Rewind Forward HQ so we were delighted to hear a remix EP was on the cards. Our excitement only grew when we found out that it comprised of a pair of versions each by brutalist industrial pioneer Ancient Methods and the avant garde hero and Cabaret Voltaire member Richard H Kirk.

Side one runs with Ancient Methods' barrelling drum machine assault drawing heavily on the 80s industrial punk heritage, it paints a claustrophobic and uneasy picture of clubland. Caustic vocals rasp in and out of view melding with a mechanised sound palette leaving the listener wondering if they are in a warehouse party or a mosh pit.

The second remix loses the steady 4/4 of the last track and replaces it with a barrage of drums and bass. Crackles, clanks, zaps and hisses swarm across the stereo field combining with the drums to make this mix sound like rioters dismantling a power station!

The flip side houses the two Richard H Kirk Mixes. The first of which offers a more staggered interpretation; continually changing dynamics and sound design expanses are tethered only by the unwavering kick drum.

The EP closes with an unnerving dub reduction, swathes of static and intermittent dynamics give the impression of an extra terrestrial radio broadcast captured on arcane machinery. The partially silent space in between the pulses of this binary piece offer glimpses of the ghosts within the machine.


Club Music (Ancient methods RMX 1)

Club Music (Ancient methods RMX 2)

So We Went Electric (Richard H Kirk Main Mix)

So We Went Electric (Richard H Kirk DUB Mix)