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Powell - New Beta LP


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Powell channels the off-kilter, hard looped sample techniques and rhythms of '80s electro / EBM on this mini-LP, a wondrous combination of hardware jams and UK-tinged production.

Powell's always been able to effortlessly infuse a sense of mischief into his sonic palette - this is often reflected in the presentation of the music, as in his last LP Sport. Here he keeps the overriding visual feel of the Sport LP, and it fit's the album's aesthetic perfectly.

"Freezer" and "Wormhole" both deal in wonderfully retro analogue synth leads and arps, supported by harshly chopped vox and drums. There's a distinct feel of retro-futurism here, and certainly these tunes would be as suitable on some dusty old cassette reel found in your attic as they are on wax.

Side 2 houses the more out there tunes of the album. "Dogs on Acid" slows down the BPM considerably, and is about as good a descriptor for the music that lies within as anything we could come up with. Our favourite cut is "The Bust", an amalgam of hip-hop and Meat Beat Manifesto-style beats and vocal chops.

We're big fans of Powell at the office, and this mini-LP is no exception. We love it when artists push the boat with their sounds, and, even with Powell's seriously diverse and experimental back catalogue, this still has to take the cake as one of his most out-there releases to date.


1. Teddy
2. Freezer
3. Wormhole,
4. 97
5. The Bust
6. Dogs on Acid
7. Electric Sheep




The Bust