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Powell - Sylvester Stallone


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XL start up their singles series again and, in a very shrewd bit of A&Ring, unleash two cuts from Powell.

If you’re familiar with our stock here at RwdFwd, you’ll know we are big fans of Powell, few have managed to twist post punk rhythms and textures into these new shapes. ‘Sylvester Stallone’ on the A-side is an excersise in repetition, working effervescent basslines around a relentless kick drum for 7 minutes while vocal phrases duck in and out of the mix. 

The flip comes in the form of ‘Smut’, our favourite of the two, rolling through with signature off grid beats and unhinged arpeggiated basses, effortlessly falling in and out of patterns keeping the entire side tense and captivating for the duration.

Channeling the spirit of Gang Of Four into a warped assault on the masses, courtesy of XL - this one is unmissable.

Sylvester Stallone