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Absolute treasure from the Bullwackies stable, featuring crucial, crucial versions such as the dub to Chosen Brothers 'March Down Babylon', as later championed by Rhythm & Sound -

Incomprehensibly tough dub LP from the masters at Wackies, this record is filled to the very brim with shimmering dubwise beauty.
Tough Wackies productions, with the bass soundin' round and the rhythm hittin' hard, just how it should be.
Prince Douglas at the mixing board, in the Bronx around 1980, with Jah Batta and of course LLoyd Barnes 'Wackies' under his Chosen Brothers alias on microphone duties from time to time.
Find inside classic rhythm versions such as 'In Cold Blood' and Dennis Brown's 'Let Me Love You', Wayne Jarrett's 'Every Tongue Shall Tell' and more.

March Down Babylon, on Steel Pulse's Handsworth Revolution rhythm, with it's striding bassline, splashy snare and those understated, yet majestic horns and cool & deadly vocal interjections might just take the crown here though... It's so, so, so, so deadly.

I'm sorry, but any self respecting collector should own this. No excuses.

Side One:
1. Jam Love Dub
2. Hard Times Dub
3. Let Me Love You Dub
4. Tongue Shall Tell
5. March Down Babylon Dub

Side Two:
6. Sunshine Dub
7. You & Me Dub
8. North Of The Border Dub
9. Tribesman Dub

Jam Love (Dub)

Hard Times (Dub)

Tongue Shall Tell (Dub)

March Down Babylon (Dub)