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Prince Far I – Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3

Pressure Sounds

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Absolutely murderous dub versions from the Prince Far I / Cry Tuff / On:U corner, originally out in 1982 -

Ooph, as with the rest of the Cry Tuff Dub Encounters (but this one does rank highly for sure!) we're dealing with pure Far I dub heavyweight, in near-psychedelic roots fashion.
The first track 'Plant Up' with it's properly unique mix style and arrangement already makes this record well worth owning. Serious off-kilter, yet massively 'dread' tune. There's a note about Adrian Sherwood being involved on production on the og release of this on discogs, but no mention on the extensive sleeve notes on this edition, but either way the mixes sure have a touch of that On:U flavour (even Ari Up is credited on backing vocals), with added Prince Far I / Channel One foundation roots measure.
Plant Up is definitely not the only great track on the LP either, the Pressure keeps continuing with killer cuts throughout. The stretched out, near 8min tripped out dub of Homeward Bound and the space-age step of Low Gravity are just two highlights amongst them.

Killer album, essential for all serious dubheads and the rest of you too.

A1 Plant Up 7:46
A2 Back Weh 4:32
A3 The Conquest 4:05
A4 Final Chapter 3:44
B1 Shake The Nation 4:18
B2 Homeward Bound 7:49
B3 Low Gravity 4:24
B4 Mansion Of Invention 2:50

Plant Up

Back Weh

Homeward Bound

Low Gravity