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Prince Far I - Message From The King / Black Reggae Music

Cry Tuff

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Seminal cuts from Prince Far I alongside Culture and The Arabs -

Rough, storming roots from the boss Prince Far I on his own Cry Tuff imprint, from back in '77.
'Black Reggae Music, Message From The King' is for Reggae music what Muhammad Ali is for boxing. A black power statement that resonates deeply in the music, powerful and striking, a voice for the sufferers and those who's voices are not heard.

Music from the heart, no doubt at all.
Just listen to Culture's voice cry and the thundering response of Prince Far I, taking control of the tones whilst the tumbling bassline and squeezed horns cast their magic across the rhythm section.

Essential reggae music for all serious heads.

This pressing must've been falsely labelled, track titles are marked off with tape and this is in fact CT08, not CT09, as stated on the centre.

Prince Far I & Culture - Message From The King

Culture & The Arabs - Black Reggae Music