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Prince Hammer - World War Dub Pt.1

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Originally released in 1979 on Adrian Sherwood's Hitrun label in conjunction with Baby Mother Records, now reissued via Horus Records, in full glory and attention to detail.

Born in an era where Punk & Reggae collided and united through a unified D.I.Y. nature and political stance, this album was a cornerstone during this time..
The artist 'Prince Hammer' played at gigs alongside punk outfits such as The Clash and The Slits, yet his musical direction is unmistakebly rooted in the traditions of JA soundsystem culture, centred around King Tubby's, Channel One, Joe Gibbs and of course musicians such as Sly Dunbar, Horsemouth, Skully, Errol Holt and Robbie Shakespeare (who all played a part in Prince Hammers development and contributed to his career)

This Album features some of the strongest riddims Prince Hammer voiced or recorded during the 70's.

'Mastered from original master tape where possible (Tracks 1-9), track 10 mastered from vinyl.'

Recorded at Channel One by Crucial Bunny.
Mixed at King Tubby's.
Remastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London.

Side One
1: King Selassie In Dub
2: Mussolini
3: Desert Rat Dub
4: Churchill
5: Hitler
Side Two
1: Rooseveld
2: Kamikaze Dub
3: Field Marshall Montgomery
4: D'Day Dub
5: Dreadlocks Rebel Force

King Selassie In Dub



Dreadlocks Rebel Force