• Prison Religion - Hard Industrial B.O.P.

Prison Religion - Hard Industrial B.O.P.


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We first witnessed Prison Religon, with no prior warning, in a tiled basement room of Milan's Macao squat (RIP) some years ago. As we wondered down there to see what's going on, the mosh pit was already well underway and their harsh industrial rap sound was amplified tenfold by the walls around us, only to be cushioned somewhat by the mass of people moving. 

We've been fans of their stuff since then, and it's killer to see them land a tape on the UIQ label - this kind of music makes sense on tape, to us. Stick it in the tape player, let it shock out. Get a quick breather as you flip the tape, repeat.

Hard Industrial B.O.P. does what it says on the tin, and it does so in that no fucks given Prison Religion style, with track arrangements that can be torn into sonic shreds at any given time. You can always expect the unexpected, in true noise fashion - no rules.

If you enjoy the sounds of Bad Tracking, Clipping, Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, H09909, Deli Girls, that type of thing  - check this Prison Religion ish out! 


Banshee, Pale Fire, Landing

Brick Dust



John Mayer

Survival, Leave me alone

Torn Up Body

Quiet At The Riot