• Prostitutes / Basic House - Mirror & Gate Vol. I

Prostitutes / Basic House - Mirror & Gate Vol. I

Opal Tapes

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For the first in the series, Opal Tapes team up with Blowing Up The Workshop for these dystopian, cyberpunk industrial ventures from James Donadio a.k.a. 'Prostitutes' on one side of the tape alongside Opal Tapes boss 'Basic H0use' on the flip.

Exceedingly murky and hopeless, seedy and futuristic palates of technoid rhythms on both sides.
Conjuring images of flickering lights and broken cctv monitors in a derelict high security laboratory, sounding like minimal techno shattered to pieces, Mirror & Gate Vol. I is dark as hell at times, but never pointlessly so.
Highly recommended.

Prostitutes - Holy Blessed Sacrament

Prostitutes - You Better Leave Your Mouth At Home

Basic House - Davids Skull

Basic House - Amateurism