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Prostitutes - Dance Tracksz


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Big, bad James Donadio aka Prostitutes, back on Diagonal with some proper shockin, body rockin' dance tracksz for you & yours -

These have been banging out of the speaker box in the RwdFwd HQ for some time now and it gets us all lively and ready for it every time.
No bullshit dancefloor music, raw rhythms that sound like they have been smashed into the sampler as quick as they were blasted back out through the hardware chain... Proper instantaneous, raucous beats & gut-smacking basslines that come peppered with a good amount of tongue-in-cheek samplework: 'Ahhhh Yeah!'

It's straight up danceflo' fire through-and-through on this.
They're all rough and ready smashers, but one of our favourites might the label-boss-radio-rip sampling 'Luv U Bruv' which features Diagonal's Powell on vocals... Wether he liked it or not, was obviously answered by the fact this track made it into this choice package of prime Prostitutes material.

Do yourself a favour, stick this on the stereo and turn it the f*ck up!

Served in a suitably glaring pink dayglo sleeve, with the disc lavishly packed up in a printed inner sleeve to boot. Designed by Guy Featherstone, this is tasty looking stuff as always.

1. Ah Yeah
2. Bottle Smashing
3. Prey
4. Rudeboy
5. Luv U Bruv
6. Hot Key Motherfucker
7. Reds
8. War Goes On

Ah Yeah

Luv U Bruv