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Prostitutes - Ecstasy, Crashing Beats And Fantasy


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Prostitutes returns to the infallible Diagonal label for a second outing, following his long player for Night School.

It’s been a little over a year since ‘Shatter And Lose’ came out, a fuzzy collection of proper analog jams. In that time his sound has really come into it’s own. Thankfully there has been no polish applied here, the cracks and signs of wear are displayed with pride, as battered as yer favourite DMs, and just as brutal.

The lead ‘Crawl In Form Broadway’ is a looping beast of a track, spiked with angular electronics and raspy arpeggios, ‘Dollars To Deutschmarks’ rags a snare through some vintage verb while scraping out a melody on guitar and ramping the resonance up to 11!

‘Lovers Camp’ is about as close to ‘proper’ techno as we come on this record and what a treat it is, a rigid 909 workout is pierced by an industrial strength bass (it’s all about his basses) and breaks it open into something deadly!

The magic in all these tracks is the feeling like it’s all one shot recordings, it’s raw, rough and doesn’t give a fcuk! We said this the last time when we heard ‘Shatter And Loose’ but we really just want more of this!

Crawl In From Broadway

Dollars to DM

Lovers Run Camp Africa

Side Effects Of Living