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Prostitutes - Shatter & Lose


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Much needed restock of the Prostitutes’ first outing on Diagonal from 2013.

Proper post punk electronics from Prostitutes here, bare bones drum tracks backed with fuzzed out square wave basses for seriously wounding any soft dancers. ‘Kisses Undelivered’ is the most brutal piece of machine funk we have heard in ages, leading into the boom-bap-LFO tweaking ‘Poison the masses.

Flip the disk for the howling distortion and Mini-Pops machine ticks of ‘Crawl On You At Night’ and the bass bin rupturing electro jam ’Sold A Decade At A Time’

This is just about as raw as it gets, beatdowns from groove boxes and bass stations - More please!

Kisses Undelivered

Poison The Masses

Crawl On You At Night

Sold A Decade At A Time