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Pugilist - Roll Off / Hemisphere

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Fresh on ZamZam - two cuts of crunched up sonics from Pugilist.

Sure to do the damage, "Roll Off" is a funky rooted piece of heat which sounds like a Lil Silva or Lighter club track through the lens of a REAL Dubstep head. Bolshy enough to get the ravers moving but Headzy enough to do it with finesse. It is refreshing to hear such a unique take on these sounds.

For a completely different flavour "Hemisphere" on the flip is a more meditative piece. Dense and dismantled dub atmospheres form the backdrop for a metronomic Dub Techno chord, steadily evolving as it serves to ratchet up the tension. This track would be perfect for when you want to take the warm up to the next level and get the bodies onto the Dancefloor.

As always, this release comes screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press, and in limited edition... We don't expect this one to sit around here for very long!

Roll Off