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Purpleman - Do Good / Dub Good (Dubplate)

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Roots Factory dubplate proudly present a new exclusive, limited run of 10 x 7" dubplates featuring veteran artist 'Purpleman' straight out of Jamaica.

We are proud to present a handful of this edition of special dubplates, limited to 10 pieces and only available via our store or direct from RF.

Each one has been cut by Henry at Dub Studio, here in Bristol, on to 7" vinyl dubplate.
Hand-made labels and insert, in different sleeve colours and variations.

Lo-fi, original roots for all those who cherish the old-time sound and want something fresh and special to keep this sound spinning with.

Here are the official words from the label themselves, all wrapped up nice and clear:

Purpleman deejayed with King Jammy's sound system, including performing at 'clashes' with other systems such as Youth Promotion, Arrows, Killamanjaro and Black Scorpio at the 'Shock of the Century' in 1985. Purpleman's first release was an album entitled Hot In 1982. He went on to record a series of albums shared with other deejays including Yellowman, Sister Nancy, and Papa Tollo. In 2014 he made a comeback with a new album entitled "Home Once More".

The riddim was produced by Frankie at Roots Factory. To achieve the old analogue sound he was aiming for, he reached out to Al Breadwinner in Manchester who laid down the drum & bass parts at the Bakery Studio. The Bakery studio is small home studio located in Manchester UK. Lots of old equipment (tape echoes & reverb springs). Al records everything as live as possible on a Tascam 388 8-track tape machine with a desk welded on, a machine built for making dub.
A little tape hiss is a fair trade for warm analog sound.

Additional piano & percussion was added by Frankie in his Bristol studio where he mixed the vocal & dub.
Originally this record was available via the 'Higher level Mastering' fundraiser campaign. This campaign was set up to further advance the workings of 'Dub Studio'. Dub Studio is the online dubplate and mastering specialist - vinyl dubs, acetates, master lacquers and digital masters, all under one roof. It is here at Dub Studio where we cut all our our dubplates and we were very happy to donate a track to help raise funds for such an essential service.

In true roots factory form, these mixes are exclusive to this release only (10 copies).
The mixes are different to those that appeared on the 'Higher Level Mastering' campaign.
This is your only chance to buy this tune, no represses, no digital versions."

-- Nuff Said!
the last lot of dubplates from Roots Factory went in a matter of minutes, so if you read this, it may already be too late.

Limited to 10.
7" vinyl dubplate, cut in Bristol, by Dub Studio.
Hand-made labels and sleeve, served in different colour types.
No digital, no repress.

Purpleman - Do Good

Frankie Mac Mathúna - Dub Good