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Puto Tito - Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas


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Proper raw dance music from Puto Tito, a young-gun out of Lisbon - Principe Discos massive

Most of you probably won't need an introduction to the sounds of Principe Discos anymore, the label has truly championed some of the most innovative club sounds in the last decade or so - pushing the unique afro-futurist sounds of Angolan Lisbonians such as Marfox, Nigga Fox, etc etc -
One thing that has always kept us interested in Principe, is their totally fresh, direct and raw approach to music - it always feels like the tunes were tested in the dance and not over-tinkered with for vanity reasons, making sure the raw energy is kept intact and presented to the world as originally intended.
This LP, which Puto Tito, who is now around 19, made when he was barely into his teens, and which was salvaged from an old SoundCloud account and re-mastered for this album.
And that's what we're talking about - no fuss, just vibes!

Get involved if you want a piece of real honest, grounded dance music from one of the most forward-thinking spots in the world.

2 x 12" Edition of 500, each one with a beautiful hand-painted sleeve by Marcio Matos.

1. Noite Mágica 01:36
2. Mestres das Artes 03:12
3. Agora Sem Brincadeiras 03:49
4. Batata Frita 03:25
5. Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas 05:39
6. Malucão 03:31
7. Locura Tutal 03:16
8. Rap 01:21
9. Emsima do Altar / Lamento A Verguna 01:58

Noite Maggica

Emsima Do Altar


OlHo JoOnce