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Quest - Vampires

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A proper bit of nose tingling, chest crushing bassweight from the one and only Quest on Innamind.

The lead track, 'Vampires' has been doing the rounds as a dubplate for a while and it's great to see it get a proper release, a vocal sample gets woven between tightly delayed snares and drum fills while staccato bass rattles your chest in a classic Pinch style, fizzy triplet hats keep things current after the second drop - top quality stuff and great in the mix!

The flip sees Quest dig deep for sample material and work a snippet of Babylon around some cold as ice synths and snappy drums and more of that much needed, cavernous bass.
Dubstep in it's original attire, packed with that O.G. sense of weight and soundsystem sensibility.

Crank up the volume, play it loud.