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Quiltland - Quiltland (+1991 Remix)


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Quiltland follows up the Sisto cassette with a full LP -

Next up on Astro:Dynamics, Quiltland is back on the controls with his dreamy blend of upright euphoria and inward harmonies.

There's a consistent sonic throughout the LP's 10 tracks, like a continuous journey through hazy melody and sunken heartbeats, with a pop-orientated experimental approach where a new-age fragility sits alongside a tape-saturated euro trance palette, at times recalling the works of Lars 'TCF' Holdhus or Lorenzo Senni but with a more saccarine-sweet and vocal-fuelled edge.

A highlight comes in the form of the fellow swede, 1991's remix, a grittier, even more tape-saturated version of the brilliant 'Extension Class'.

Another clear-vision executed by the Astro:Dynamics label.

Served on white vinyl.
Very limited copies in stock, be fast if you want yours.

1:Scene 1
2:1 Second Sun 1 Hour of Light
3:A Billion Know
5:A Second Theme
6:Scene 2
7:Il Vostro Paesaggio
9:Extension Class
10:Extension Class (1991 Remix)

Scene 1 / 1 Second Sun 1 Hour of Light

A Billion Know / Days / A Second Theme

Scene 2 / Il Vostro Paesaggio

Motivation / Extension Class / Extension Class (1991 Remix)