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Quixosis - Rocafuerte

Eck Echo

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Wicked, wicked, wide-spanning international rhythms and sampledelia from Ecuadorian producer Quixosis, served up on an 11 track LP via Eck Echo - a unique culmination somewhere between Aardvarck, C-Schulz and DJ Rashad?!

"Named after a street in the historic center of Quito, ROCAFUERTE paints an anachronic and anatopic picture of voyages between Latin America and Europe, set to a multitude of beats ranging from trip hop and reggaeton to juke and UK Garage, which the artist uncompromisingly blends with nostalgic samples of Italian chanson and Southamerican folk, warped through the magic of his trusted tape machine - a historical debt to the record collection of his great-grandfather."

...There you have it, all the info you might need to explain these singular sounds.

Most importantly though - this record flows thick & fast, full of momemtum and keen experimentation, but never shy of 'bang'.

Woah... just trust us on this one -
it's really, really fkn good!

1. Sol Plural 02:11
2. Micropótamo 04:38
3. Luz y Fer 02:25
4. Vitamina Qué 02:52
5. Las Nalgas de Venus (featuring Ultra K) 05:09
6. Empaca La Tanga 02:22
7. Volver Quizás (pero a dónde) 04:03
8. Sinlugarity 04:08
9. Yéssica Cuántica 03:45
10. Para qué te Digo que Gnosis 02:15
11. Triciclo 05:43


Luz y Fer

Volver Quizás (pero a dónde)