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Rabbit - Sun Dragons EP

Soundman Chronicles

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A collection of 4 prime DJ tools from the much in demand Rabit - Having released some killer grime 2.0 reductions for Glacial Sounds and more recently as part of the brilliant debut ‘Weightless’ compilation on Different Circles.

Rounding off a stellar year, we have these 4 versatile cuts, designed for the DJ. The lead track ‘Send’ does just that, a sonic bricolage of eski synths and fragments of classic grime vocals to taunt weaker selectors. The second track on the A side is a spring loaded selection of culturally loaded samples, sparse yet precise and, most importantly - deadly in the mix.

‘Sun God’ has to be our favourite on here, caught mid way between the weightless gear that we are digging so much right now and some of the more focused productions that have been surfacing on Keysound - A metallic melody so on point it could slice you in half.

A  Yellow Haze envelops us on the last track - A whirlwind of flying drum breaks and square waves, proper bit of dark side underground business - top stuff.


Atacama Skeleton

Sun God

Yellow Haze