Rabu Mazda - Ta Sempre Pegando Fogo (Discos Extendes 12")

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Next up on Lisbon's Discos Extendes, five very-very-vibey cuts (or "an album") from Leonardo Bindilatti's Rabu Mazda alias, taking in the raw step of mid 00's UK music, the twisted sampling and undeniable grooves of house & footwork, ruffneck Baile Funk and other nice types of music that we like

"Tá Sempre Pegando Fogo is Rabu Mazda's second album, a long-standing solo project of Leonardo Bindilatti, this time debuting at Discos Extendes.

Leo is part of Cafetra Records, where he maintains an active role in musical creation and production. He was a member of Kimo Ameba, Go Suck A Fuck, Kridinhux, Egg Shell, Rabu Mazda & Van Ayres and is part of Iguanas and Putas Bêbadas."

Across five succinct tracks (including a disco'd up rave banger of a remix by Silvestre), Rabu Mazda manages to twist a real cool concoction of catchy hooks with unusual melodic counterparts.
Each track is held by perfectly fluid arrangements and enough weirdness within the funk to hold everything together in a wicked balance between upfront dance music styles and unique twists of local genres or stylistics, from London to Lisboa.

Ghetto House? Baile Funk? Footwork? 90s hardcore & rave music? Grime?
...All on one record? Hell yeah, why not!

1. Fumo No Olho (2:46)
2. Mago Mazda (3:15)
3. Fumo No Olho (Silvestre remix) (6:10)
4. Bom Feito (4:40)
5. Sonho Weird (4:08)

Fumo No Olho

Mago Mazda

Fumo No Olho (Silvestre Remix)

Sonho Weird