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Radioactive Man - Dub Vault 2 -Explosion, Razor, Blazer


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12bit Dancehall & Soundystem cuts from Radioactive Man coming with pure off-kilter madness -

Originally created around a decade ago, and released last year - we stumbled across a last few copies of this scratchy dubwise business from Radioactive Man showing his affinities with this sound.

Radioactive Man hitting that red button for the computerized dancehall of 'Explosion', a good nod to a bit of Dillinja from around his prime time, and perhaps even The Bug's Razor X project, this is sure to do the damage.

The 8bit trash-can steppers of 'Razor'... Ok that squelchy clumsy synth and the funk guitar slabs really aren't needed, but we'll forgive him...

Skip forward to Blazer and all wrongs are rectified once again, with a chopped dub rhythm making it's way through some hi-resonance hoover squuezes and a big, bubbling steppers bassline that will hit you right in the chest if you let it.

It's an intriguing one this, treading somewhere between Fisher Price dub and decidedly raw dancehall destruction.... But whatever you make of it, I'd bet a few hard-earned quid that 'Explosion' and 'Blazer' will do a serious bit of destruction if you play them at the right time!