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* Rare original cassette version of this big collection of dancehall and steppers vocals and dubs from the Blakamix Posse, original press copies from 1993! *

We’re sitting on a big box of goods from Dennis ‘Mixman’ Bedeau’s Blakamix Intl, sent to us straight from their HQ straight out of Bedford. Lots of very high-grade material in that box – UK dub, steppers, dancehall 7″s, to 12″s, LP’s and even a heap of cassettes – keep checking our site over the next days / weeks for lots of crucial gear from one of the very best labels and production operations to represent the JA sound in a UK dub style and fashion, Mixman at the controls.

This one, entitled Ragga Culture 2, is the 2nd in a series of ragga / dancehall cuts that came out of the Blakamix studio around those years in the late 80's / early 90's, and it features big tunes from the likes of Martini Special and Foxy, who come with a cool & deadly message against racist idiots on the first track of this compilation... 'Racists... Them a go feel fe we fists!'. For real.

Continuing on a message about the black struggle, the next vocal cut follows on the theme with another Foxy lyric, this time highlighting the story of female black activists, such as Harriet Tubman, an american abolitionist and political activist who was born into slavery but managed to escape her violent Maryland slave owners, fleeing to Philadelphia, only to return back to Maryland to rescue friends and family soon after.

She is said to have saved over 70 slaves over the time to come, on several separate missions, and using a network of antislavery safe houses and activists, called the 'Underground Railroad'. In later years, she continued to fight for justice, for example by helping freed slaves to find work and get back on their own feet.
A very inspiring story, which we only just found out about here via this tune, and upon some further research. This is what reggae music is all about - positive education and messages like this one, for all ears to hear and all eyes to see, and to hopefully inspire further positive messages, and most importantly: actions.

Barker B also appears on this compilation, with his rough vocal styles calling for unity in a messed up world of injustice, on 'World In Trouble', which is followed by a top, top Mixman dub version - entitled 'World A Dub', not to be confused with 'World A Dub On Ya' though, which is also a big highlight on that 'The Early Dub Tapes' LP (which will be up on our site very soon too, in cassette and LP format, by the way).

Special A and D. Maximillian also make great vocal appearances on this compilation, and, just as each of the vocals, they are followed by dub cuts by Mixman -
this record plays each vocal cut followed by the version - a real joy to listen to, and another crucial collection of earlier Blakamix history.

Last, but not least, we get an extra Mixman dub, in the form of the percussive RX11 steppers cut 'Redemption Dub' - once again, the versions are a joy to listen to, and already make it worth letting this thing spin for.

Another big one for the collection this.
Wicked looking design as well!

1 Martini Special & Foxy - Racist
2 Mixman - Racist Dub
3 Foxy - Harriet Tubman
4 Mixman - Tubman Dub
5 Barker B - World In Trouble
6 Mixman - World A Dub
7 Mixman - Angelic Dub
8 Martini Special - Vigilante
9 Mixman - Vigilante Dub
10 Special A. - Reality
11 Mixman - Dub Reality
12 D. Maximillian - Give Jah Praise
13 Mixman - Dub Praise
14 Mixman - Redemption Dub

Foxy - Harriet Tubman

Mixman - World A Dub

D. Maximillian - Give Jah Praise

Mixman - Redemption Dub