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Raime - Our versions of their versions

Reel Torque

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Man the hoses! This one's a fire hazard!

Top-a-top mixtape business from the always on point Raime, much like a pint of Stella, it's reassuringly expensive, refreshing and nigh on vital for survival in the current arid climate of ten-a-penny ableton mixes.

The duo steam through 45 minutes (it plays the same on both sides) of deadly dancehall cuts (28 in total) with vocals from the likes of Supercat, Sister P and Papa San. If you've caught one of their DJ sets, either live on that session on Boiler Room a few years back, you'll know they got the tunes in the crates to well and truly deliver the goods.

The ever-present crackle and pop serves to remind the listener that this isn't just some throwaway ableton mixtape - this is the realest of deals, one to revisit until the spools are worn out! There's a tracklist in alphabetical order on the back as well in case you wanted to try and hunt down some of the gems inside.

If you know Raime's music, this will make perfect sense, if you don't it's a killer dancehall mixtape to mek the speaker tump.

Housed in a clamshell case with riso-printed art from John Powel-Jones as always in the Reel Torque series.

This is just the type of thing we like here at RwdFwd, big up Raime!

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