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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Venus Flytrap Exotica

Editions Gravats

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45rpm dubwise gunshots from Low Jack & Prurient as Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement -

Stone-cold killerrrrr first outing outside of Hospital Productions, from the shapeshifting RSE project, served up on Low Jacks Editions Gravats offshot 'Les Disques De La Bretagne'.

This disc shouldn't need to much sweet-talking for all fans of murky, fogged-out soundsystem weaponry, and aquatic soundsystem explorations.

The A side 'Bridgetown Dub' comes like a slow-motion tsunami approaching in the distance, an ever-towering wall of water approaching your comfort zone, ominously.
Get ready for the dub shower.

B side is like the rainfall, post-destruction.
Wash away and re-build. There is hope.

Crucial -

Served up in a limited, clear 7" vinyl run of 300 copies.

Bridgetown Dub

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