• Ranking Ann - A Slice of English Toast

Ranking Ann - A Slice of English Toast


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Big, big LP from the one Ranking Ann, on a Mad Professor-produced LP from 1982, served on the Ariwa imprint of course - The original press of this one is over 100 times the price of a bag of toast, so it's great this is available once again now at an anti-inflation price, for all who still need a slice of this! Special guest percussion from Jah Shaka too.

Back then, this kind of cool & easy microphone chat would often be described as ‘Toasting’, and on this early 80s UK example, with London’s very own Ranking Ann on the mic, it comes with added Marmite.

Hate it or love it… But you can’t deny this spread is unique and full of flavour.

TRACKLIST (Vocal & Version style)
1. A Slice Of English Toast 09:55
2. Black Rock Posse 07:23
3. Problem Lady 03:30
4. Moonlight Lover 04:04
5. Liberated Woman 09:53
6. Love On A Mountain 07:13

A Slice of English Toast

Black Rock Posse

Problem Lady

Moonlight Lover

Liberated Woman

Love On A Mountain