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Ranking Joe - Back To Africa / Dub To Africa (Dub Stuy 12")

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Dub Import / Export from New York's Dub Stuy Records -

The soundsystem crew from the USA's capital deliver the vinyl pressure after proving that they can light up a dance with dubwise over in the States...

This disc features none other than the legendary Ranking Joe on the microphone, with 'Back To Africa'.
Built by Tour De Force, tumbling the bassline over a powerhouse rhythm, filtered hornsline and snare shuffles add to the rhythm, which Ranking Joe rides with ease... Of course he's well versed in the Deejay trade.

Skip the needle forward one cut, and you can find the dubwise, leaving space for a resonantly filtered bassline to push amidst the kicks and snares, with Ranking Joe's vocal spaced back in the mix.

There's a remix from 'Doctor Jeep' on the B Side as well.

Mastered and pressed to a high-quality heavyweight vinyl.

Ranking Joe - Back To Africa

Tour De Force - Dub To Africa

Doctor Jeep Remix