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Rasheda - Chant/Dub

Rasheda Lioness Music

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Sis Rasheda in fine UK steppers style once again, for the Rasheda Lionness imprint -

Following up big tunes such as 'Only Jah Worthy' and 'Shashamane I' Rasheda does it once more, in her signature uplifting vocal style over tough uk roots & steppers productions -
'Chant' is a Rastafari dedication to Jah, over a rootical, big belly bassline stepper with a great dub on the flip - this one is produced by the one Dimitri Moraitis aka I-Mitri, Counteraction Warrior!

All roots, uk dub & soundsystem heads, this one is for you >>

Very last copies of this one!

Rasheda - Chant

Counteraction Warrior - Dub